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We will provide 3 FREE TRIALS individual lessons. You can also get individual lessons at lowest possible cost. The below mentioned cost is exclusive of 3 free trial classes and implement on monthly bases after satisfaction of trial period. The default payment currency is US $. If you want to be billed in different currency, please let us know before making payment. What you can afford easily you should tell us so we will also teach you.


 Plans  Days/Week  Duration  Amount
 PlanA  2days  30 minutes  $25/mo
 PlanB  3days  30 minutes  $40/mo
 PlanC  5days  30 minutes  $75/mo

 For UK

 Plans  Days/Week  Duration  Amount
 PlanA  2days   30 minutes  20pound/m
 PlanB  3days  30 minutes  30pound/m
 PlanC  5days  30 minutes  45pound/m

For Canada

 Plan  Days/Week  Duration  Amount
 PlanA  2days  30 minutes  $30/mo
 PlanB  3days  30 minutes  $45/mo
 PlanC  5days  30 minutes  $80/mo

Bank details:
Title name: Muhammad Amin Shah
Account no: 04347900104803
Bank name: Habib Bank
Branch name: Narankari Bazar Rawalpindi
I B N:  IBANPK68HABB 0004347900104803